Kia Emission Control Service - Saving You Money at the Pump £29.99

Health Care for your car.....

At Sutton Park Group we offer an emission control service at £29.99 inc VAT

There are too many garages today that are happy to pour clean oil into a dirty engine reducing efficiency of the new engine oil.  With the rising cost of fuel our emissions control service helps fuel efficiency by removing contaminants within the engine to minimise contamination of the new engine oil.

What is an emission control service?

Our emission control service includes additional benefits over and above a standard service.  We use an oil purge to help remove any contaminants or old oil from the sump, so that clean oil goes into a clean system. When putting premium grade oil into your car, it really should go into a completely clean system.

We also use a fuel purge to help break down carbon deposits which can build up over time. This restores the integrity of the injector spray pattern and helps reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.

Why have our emission control service?

There are a number of ways you can make your vehicle more fuel efficient and emissions can have a massive influence on your fuel performance, carbon dioxide emissions, running of the vehicle and reduced fuel expenditure.

Should your vehicle be tested at the roadside & fail a VOSA / police emissions test within 12 months of oil purge and fuel purge treatments, we will pay the £60 fine.

Our oil purge has been specially formulated to promote and assist with the removal of contaminations.  Our fuel purge is a high performance detergent / dispersant which is used to maintain combustion efficiency.  Supermarket fuels do not contain this 'keep clean' technology.

What will I receive?

Sutton Park Groups trained technicians will carry out an emission control service adding cleansing treatment to your vehicles fuel to flush unburnt debris from your system. In addition to purging the fuel system the emission control service includes:

Flushing out the old engine oil*
Fuel treatment
Pitstop lubrication for all hinges and checkstraps
Topping up the washer fluid reservoir with quality screenwash

Terms and conditions
*Engine oil change is a supplementary operation to the Emissions Service and the cost is dependant on the engine size. 

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