Driving in the snow and ice - Sutton Park Groups Top Tips!

1 Posted: 1st Mar 2018
Driving in the snow and ice - Sutton Park Groups Top Tips!
Driving in the winter is very different than in other times of the year. Adverse weather and longer periods of darkness makes driving more hazardous. Stay safe with our top tips!
  • Different weather conditions create different hazards throughout the winter and in different areas of the country at different times. A single journey may take us into very different weather, road and traffic conditions, so we need to be prepared for each one. This means that we need to adapt the way we drive to the conditions.

    - Be prepared. Plan for the worst, make sure you've got warm clothes, a rug, a torch, a snow shovel and even think about some emergency food. Also make sure your phone is fully charged before leaving on your journey.

    - Be smooth. Avoid sudden use of the throttle, braking and steering. Try using second gear to gain grip when pulling away, while higher gears will help the tyres keep their grip.

    - Be seen. Give plenty of time to warm up, and clear all snow/ice from the windows and lights- if you don't it could be seen by the police as a traffic offense. Make sure your headlights are on and can be seen by other drivers.

    - Always plan ahead. Check the latest traffic reports, if you don't have winter tyres try to avoid routes with steep inclines and stick to main roads.

    - Anticipation. It takes longer to stop and turn in snowy and icy conditions. Leave lots of extra room to the car in front and reduce your speed.

    Most of us have very little experience of driving in extreme conditions, such as snow, so take some time to consider how it affects your driving. Don't just drive as normal.

    In very bad conditions, avoid driving completely, unless you absolutely have to make the journey and driving is the only option.