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“No longer can we think of car design in isolation from the ecosystem surrounding us, or from the evolution of major changes like electric energy use, connected and autonomous drive technologies that influence our lives as we move from place to place. This is truly a unique project that allowed us to work with our planners, designers & engineers, academics & architects, startups and sociologues to explore new boundaries in customer experience, technology and energy use and design harmony to form a complete experience.” Laurens van den Acker – Senior Vice President, Corporate Design
  • The SYMBIOZ concept showcases Renault’s vision of the car of the future and its role in our lives inside and outside the car. It comprises a car, a demo car and a home. SYMBIOZ comes under the ‘Wisdom’ petal of Renault’s lifecycle-based design strategy, suggesting maturity.

    The SYMBIOZ concept on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show looks ahead to a horizon of up to 2030, and Renault has also developed a demo car, which foreshadows a vehicle in a closer timeframe, around 2023.

    Both cars are electric, autonomous and fully connected to their environment. ‘Travellers’ – the driver and passengers – enjoy a cabin that feels like home and has been designed for autonomous motoring. On the road, the car becomes an extension of the home. When parked inside the home, it doubles as an extra mobile, modular and multi-purpose room.

    Visitors to the Renault stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show will be able to walk around this connected home and experience the way cars like SYMBIOZ may be interacting with their environment in the future.

    Renault is the first carmaker to present a complete home at a motor show that evokes future possibilities of how the car will deliver new features inside the home and will be an extension of the home on the road.

    A car that delivers new features inside the homeInside the home, Renault SYMBIOZ symbolically shows how cars can play an even more important role in our everyday lives by 2030.

    An extra mobile room
    Renault SYMBIOZ provides extra space and features for the home, taking on different functions according to the needs and desires of occupants. Inside the home, SYMBIOZ becomes a snug, mobile, comfortable and modular extra room.A lifting platform can raise the car from the ground floor to the bedroom or the rooftop terrace on the first floor. Parked on the roof, SYMBIOZ can be turned into a cubby room for relaxation or rest, while enjoying a view of the outside.
    It can be an open space like a living room where people can spend time together and talk. The cabin interior was inspired by the design of living rooms.
    Or it can be a closed space for relaxation or work where people can seclude themselves from the rest of the house.
    Renault SYMBIOZ features similar materials and interior furnishings to those used in the house and remains in complete harmony with the home, regardless of its position or use.

    “Renault SYMBIOZ shows how we may combine the car with the home. The car becomes a new mobile, multi-purpose living space for the whole family and can be used - open or closed - more fully, even when parked. But this spectacular work also operates in another important way. The car allows passengers to feel at home when traveling, thanks to the interior design. It is underpinned by the idea of maximizing the available space for the passengers without taking anything away from comfort and modularity. Each one has a space to live a personal experience, but this space and this experience can also be shared by all.”
    Stéphane Janin – Director of Design, Concept Cars, Groupe Renault

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Sutton Park Group
4 years ago