Are Your Tyres Ready For ACTion? The Curtain Raises On Tyre Safety Month 2020

20 Posted: 20th Oct 2020
Are Your Tyres Ready For ACTion? The Curtain Raises On Tyre Safety Month 2020

TyreSafe is asking Britain’s motorists Are your tyres ready for ACTion? as the curtain raises on the October-long Tyre Safety Month campaign.

  • Every year 170 motorists on average are reported killed or seriously injured due to incidents caused by tyre-related defects, significantly more than the 1481 attributed to driver distractaction by mobile phone use. However, one-in-five drivers have never checked their tyres’ tread – among younger drivers it’s one-in-three2.

    Carrying out tyre maintenance not only reduces the risk of an incident, it also can save money. Driving a vehicle with underinflated tyres increases fuel consumption and wear, yet astonishingly research shows as many as 57%3 of tyres driven on Britain’s roads are below the recommended settings. That’s potentially £1billion wasted on fuel each year.

    To educate drivers on the importance and benefits of tyre safety, TyreSafe has developed helpful, fun and informative animations based around well-known film titles for this year’s Tyre Safety Month. Are your tyres ready for ACTion? combines TyreSafe’s memory-jogging acronym ACT – Air pressure, Condition and Tread – with titles like The Good, the Bad and the Underinflated; Done in 60 Seconds; and Judge Tread. Each encourages drivers to check at least once a month and before long journeys.

    The online and social assets are hoped to provide the inspiration for all age groups to engage with the campaign and add to the ‘TyreFlix Productions’ watchlist. TyreSafe would welcome further suggestions on its Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn channels such as Tyre Story and The Usual Suspects, which have also been previewed in the Are your tyres ready for ACTion? animations.

    Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe Chair, said: “The importance of tyre safety is often overlooked but the risks are real, so Tyre Safety Month is the ideal time for motorists to get into the habit of checking their tyres at least once a month and before long journeys. In addition to safety, with money likely to become increasingly tighter for many in 2021, properly maintaining tyres will help keep motoring costs down. Tyre maintenance has never been more important, so ask yourself, Are your tyres ready for ACTion?.”


    This year TyreSafe’s campaign covers all three key areas of routine tyre maintenance: Air pressure; Condition; and Tread depth – ACT. The campaign seeks to encourage motorists to check their tyres at least once a month every month, and before long journeys.

    Don’t ignore your tyres, check:

    • Air pressure: Use an accurate tyre pressure gauge to check tyres’ air pressure is at the recommended settings. Check the vehicles owner’s handbook or fuel filler cap

    • Condition: Lumps or bulges in a tyre may indicate internal damage and increase the risk of a catastrophic failure. If these, or cuts and cracks, are found while checking a tyre, the tyre may need replacing and professional advice should be sought.

    • Tread depth: Tread depth should be checked with an accurate gauge to ensure it is above the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm. If you don’t have an accurate tread depth gauge, a 20p can be used as a guide to how close your tread is to the limit if you don’t have a tread depth gauge available.